[mcclim-devel] Title panes

Robert Swindells rjs at fdy2.demon.co.uk
Mon Oct 5 11:55:29 UTC 2009

Rainer Joswig wrote:
>Am 05.10.2009 um 07:00 schrieb Robert Strandh:
> Hello,
> Robert Swindells writes:
>> There doesn't seem to be a display-title method for the title-pane
>> class, is this deliberate ?
> I can only guess.  The spec says very little about the title pane.  It
> doesn't even mention any :initarg or a slot that can be used to give a
> title.  It does mention the name of the display function, but doesn't
> say anything else about it.  That's probably the reason nobody
> implemented it.
>> The examples in the Franz CLIM User Guide imply to me that you should
>> be able to use this pane type without needing to supply a
>> display-function for it.
> It should not be very hard to do this.  If you can give me some
> examples of how to use it and what is supposed to happen when the
> title pane is displayed, or better yet, some code, I'll be happy to
> put it in.
> Regards,
> --  
> Robert Strandh

>CLIM:DEFINE-APPLICATION-FRAME allows to specify a :title pane. By  
>default it displays the frame's pretty name. A pane option is :display- 
>string string, which defines the string to display. So :display-string  
>would be an :initarg to the title-pane class.

There is an example on p193 of the CLIM User Guide that uses this pane

>Generally it is a pane with the title displayed in a large font. No  
>scroll bars, grows horizontally, height is computed, no display after  
>command. That's all. It is a relict from older window systems (like  
>the one on the Lisp Machine), which usually have no title bar - where  
>the application window then has a separate pane for the title. If your  
>application's window has a title bar (usually), there is usually no  
>need to display the title pane in an application window.

I'm trying to get an existing application to work, it has a couple
of large panes inside the application-frame each of which has a
title frame at the top. For some reason display after command is
set for the title panes.

Robert Swindells

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