[mcclim-devel] window functions

Troels Henriksen athas at sigkill.dk
Fri Feb 23 08:34:25 UTC 2007

"Bill Sauer" <bill at volersystems.com> writes:

> These don't seem to exist in MCCLIM.  The question is are there
> plans to implement them in the future or are there other functions
> which replaced them.

Are these only found in CLIM 2.2 (ie. the Franz documentation)? If so,
there has not yet been a dedicated effort to implement them, but I
guess you can say that there are plans to change that. Many CLIM 2.2
functions tend to be rather easy to implement because they are fairly
high-level, so if you want to give it a shot, patches would be
welcome. Otherwise, they should still be implemented at some point.

\  Troels
/\ Henriksen

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