[mcclim-devel] reinitializing panes

Christophe Rhodes csr21 at cantab.net
Wed Feb 14 11:26:24 UTC 2007


A question came up on #lisp yesterday: essentially, it asked how to
dynamically change the contents of a pane, in a similar way to
changing layouts of a frame.  My intuitive answer was to reinitialize
the pane with a new :contents initarg, which was quickly followed by
an intuitive suspicion that this wouldn't actually work in McCLIM
currently.  (The suspicion was strengthened by the example in the spec
in 29.5.2, which doesn't define any bookkeeping for reinitialization,
and confirmed when I actually tried it...)

So, the first question: should what I suggested work in principle, or
is there a reason why we shouldn't allow it (and what should be
allowed instead?).  The second question: if it should work, is there
anything wrong with the attached implementation, apart from its
cut-and-paste nature?  Is there something in the protocols that I am
not following?  To try it out, run the vbox's toplevel, then issue the
commands Double, followed by Draw.


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