Filetypes in get-open-file

Martin Buchmann martin.buchmann at
Tue Dec 13 19:54:06 UTC 2016


I am trying a create a little gui using ltk which has an open file button using get-open-file. It works fine besides the fact that I cannot select any file. I played around with the filetypes keyword but could not get it running and could not find anything in the net so far which helped me. I actually do not care about the filetype at all.

I have installed ltk via quicklisp on OS X using sbcl.

(defun test ()
 (ltk:with-ltk ()
   (let* ((datei (make-instance 'ltk:button
				 :master nil
				 :text "Datei"
				 :command (lambda ()
					    (print (ltk:get-open-file :filetypes '(("All Files" "*"))
					      :title "Open"))))))

     (ltk:wm-title ltk:*tk* "Test")
     (ltk:pack datei))))

I get a nice button, the open file dialog opens but all file in the current directory are gray and not selectable. What am I missing?

If I choose 

 :filetypes *

it works but that’s very different from what I have expected.

Thanks for any advice

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