[ltk-user] fix for ltk on mswin?

Peter Herth herth at peter-herth.de
Fri Feb 19 07:41:24 UTC 2010

Hi Daniel,

just to make sure, you are running the repl branch?  This should make
the communication more robust. However this was mostly tested on
diverse flavors of Unix (mainly Solaris). The current code does however
take no care how long the lines are that are sent to TCL. If you look
into flush-wish, you will find some disabled code to limit the line length
sent to TCL. It really sounds as if we should make sure only to send
short lines over the pipe.


On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 5:26 AM,  <dherring at tentpost.com> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for getting back to LTK.
>> Hmm, Windows is strange :). But your explanation is the best I have
> heard for the windows problems so far... so I added
>>  #+mswindows (sleep 1)
>> The waiting for a prompt has only one problem - tcl doesn't send a prompt
>> when run as a subprocess.
> I've poked at this a bit more; the sleep doesn't fix all my problems.  It
> appears that incomplete commands are being flushed to wish and/or ltk is
> overflowing a stream buffer somewhere.  For example, running ltktest with
> a trace on read-wish, I see errors like
> LTK::READ-WISH returned (:ERROR "value for \"-textvaria\" missing")
> or
> Error sending command to wish: on #<BASIC-CHARACTER-OUTPUT-STREAM
> ISO-8859-1 (PIPE/1092) #x8D5F2BE> : Invalid argument during write
> or
> LTK::READ-WISH returned (:ERROR "missing close-brace")
> This appears to be a race condition; the error changes randomly with each
> run (though the above are the most common).  Sometimes the test almost
> works, other times it stops early.  I did have to comment out the section
> which draws the lines -- that almost never worked.  Similarly, theme-names
> generally fails (or whatever else does the first read-wish).  For some
> reason, the situation can be aggravated by adding flush-wish in various
> places.
> But the first sleep at least lets Tk's window appear.
> - Daniel
> P.S.  I'm debugging this in an attempt to get ABLE running.
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