[ltk-user] fix for ltk on mswin?

dherring at tentpost.com dherring at tentpost.com
Fri Feb 19 04:26:31 UTC 2010

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting back to LTK.

> Hmm, Windows is strange :). But your explanation is the best I have
heard for the windows problems so far... so I added
>  #+mswindows (sleep 1)
> The waiting for a prompt has only one problem - tcl doesn't send a prompt
> when run as a subprocess.

I've poked at this a bit more; the sleep doesn't fix all my problems.  It
appears that incomplete commands are being flushed to wish and/or ltk is
overflowing a stream buffer somewhere.  For example, running ltktest with
a trace on read-wish, I see errors like

LTK::READ-WISH returned (:ERROR "value for \"-textvaria\" missing")
Error sending command to wish: on #<BASIC-CHARACTER-OUTPUT-STREAM
ISO-8859-1 (PIPE/1092) #x8D5F2BE> : Invalid argument during write
LTK::READ-WISH returned (:ERROR "missing close-brace")

This appears to be a race condition; the error changes randomly with each
run (though the above are the most common).  Sometimes the test almost
works, other times it stops early.  I did have to comment out the section
which draws the lines -- that almost never worked.  Similarly, theme-names
generally fails (or whatever else does the first read-wish).  For some
reason, the situation can be aggravated by adding flush-wish in various

But the first sleep at least lets Tk's window appear.

- Daniel

P.S.  I'm debugging this in an attempt to get ABLE running.

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