[ltk-user] First use of ltk

Greg Bennett gwbennett at sentex.ca
Sun Dec 6 01:03:35 UTC 2009

Peter, thanks for the message; thanks also to Daniel Herring and Victor.
It turns out that I did not have tcl and tk installed. I now have them
and all is well in that at the shell (bash)
wish -> a blank window and a % prompt

while inside SBCL
(ltktest) and (ltk::ltk-eyes) do their thing.
As does the first example from the documentation.
So thanks all, once more.
My lisp experience is with Franz's Allegro and their common graphics.
There I can open a window and keep the listener/repl alive.
 From the repl
(setf w make-a-window-syntax)
then allows me to do things like
(draw-to w some-graphic)
from that REPL.
This facility is important to the application I'm interested in porting; 
I guess it
means that I must learn how to program with threads/processes to obtain
this behaviour.

Cheers /Greg Bennett
Peter Herth wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> the problems with web applications refer to windows - on Linux with
> SBCL (a combination
> I am using myself) I had never such problems.
> To run tcl/tk, LTk tries to run "wish". Can you check whether wish is
> in your path and
> which version it is? Just type wish at the shell and see what happens.
> If it is not in
> the path, either add it to the path, or change the variable
> *wish-pathname* to contain
> the wish executable to run. (On some systems it is called wish8.4 or
> wish8.5 for example).
> If that all does not help, please try to paste the whole error output
> into a mail.
> Peter
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