[ltk-user] First use of ltk

Peter Herth herth at peter-herth.de
Fri Dec 4 08:42:18 UTC 2009

Hi Greg,

the problems with web applications refer to windows - on Linux with
SBCL (a combination
I am using myself) I had never such problems.
To run tcl/tk, LTk tries to run "wish". Can you check whether wish is
in your path and
which version it is? Just type wish at the shell and see what happens.
If it is not in
the path, either add it to the path, or change the variable
*wish-pathname* to contain
the wish executable to run. (On some systems it is called wish8.4 or
wish8.5 for example).

If that all does not help, please try to paste the whole error output
into a mail.


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