[ltk-user] Option Menus (contrib)

Madhu madhu at cs.unm.edu
Sun Oct 15 20:33:17 UTC 2006

Helu, I have often found myself in need of an option menu or combo box
in LTK.

However at present LTK supports only one type of (cascade) menu. Although
ltk.lisp (0.90 at the time of writing) defines unused *class-args* via
defargs for menubutton and menu, the classes menubutton and menu do
not support the various interactions that Tk allows between its (Tk's)
"menubuttons" and "menus". It is not clear what the thinking of the
author is on supporting other interactions in the future.  Code adding
such functionality depends on LTK's internals and is therefore liable
to break.

I am attaching a file which adds support for the tk_optionsMenu
command via a new  function TK-OPTION-MENU and a new LTK widget called
OPTIONSMENU. This turns out to fit (nicely) with the LTK model of
menus and I would request considering it for inclusion in an
appropriate form into LTK. Especially as it depends on LTK's clos

Most of the file is comments and example code, I took the liberty of
copying the licensing from ltk-mw and hope it is suitable. Feedback

Best Regards

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