[lmud-devel] Initial Test Spam

James Crippen jcrippen at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 22:10:26 UTC 2004

This is an initial test spam message to stub the mailing list archives.

LMud and CL-TELNETD are now hosted on Common-Lisp.Net! Huzzah! That
means that real people can actually participate, if they can be
bothered to waste time on such unimportant projects. I welcome all
contributions. This semester at school I'm inundated by 18 credits
worth of classes, so I won't have much time to hack, but I hope to at
least give some thought towards what CL-TELNETD needs for it to become
operational (thread safety, for one), and how LMud is going to glue
CL-TELNETD into place within its driver.

Please feel free to yabber about anything even remotely close to the
topic. These lists should be pretty low traffic, so it's not as though
the S/N ratio could get very bad.


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