Dependency issue with program-op

Didier Verna didier at
Sun Mar 21 17:33:07 UTC 2021


I'm cross-posting because I don't know if the issue is related to ASDF
or ECL. I'm using the most recent repos of both.

When dumping a very simple system defined like this:

(asdf:defsystem :simple
  :depends-on (:net.didierverna.clon)
  :components ((:file "simple"))
  :entry-point "simple:main")

with (asdf:operate 'asdf:program-op :simple),

I'm getting a runtime error with the executable:
Condition of type: SIMPLE-PACKAGE-ERROR
There exists no package with name "NET.DIDIERVERNA.CLON.SETUP"
No restarts available.

Top level in: #<process TOP-LEVEL 0x10a821f80>.

So it seems that the net.didierverna.clon.setup system is not dumped in
the executable.

In Clon, the dependency on setup is indirect:
net.didierverna.clon <- net.didierverna.clon.core
net.didierverna.clon.core <- net.didierverna.clon.setup

If I add an explicit dependency on setup in the :simple ASDF system
above like this:

:depends-on (:net.didierverna.clon.setup :net.didierverna.clon))

the problem goes away. This doesn't happen with the 5 other Lisp
implementations that I've tested.

Also, it may be worth mentioning that Clon's setup system gets a special
treatment. It's loaded explicitly at the top of several .asd files like
this (with the utmost disrespect for the Almighty ASDF Gods

(asdf:load-system :net.didierverna.clon.setup)

I'm wondering if this may have something to do with the problem.


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