Error while running a simple GTK program with ECL

Daniel Kochmański daniel at
Mon Jan 6 07:57:47 UTC 2020

ZHUO Qingliang (KDr2) writes:

> Thanks.  But I am still curious about why the cl-gtk2-gtk lib is
> compiled every time I run this simple program, I think usually it will
> be compiled only one time and then stored into the cache dir for the
> following loading.  I
> checked~/.cache/common-lisp/ecl-16.1.3-unknown-linux-x64/home/kdr2/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software/,
> the compiled files (*.o and *.fas) are there, but it seems they are
> not used.  Greetings.

compilation plans are computed by asdf; abstraction is so dense I'm
afraid I can't tell why it is recompiled, only that it shouldn't (unless
files in cl-gtk2-gtk files or one of its dependencies access time has
changed in a meantime).
> ZHUO Qingliang (KDr2,

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