About the source of The ECL Manual

NOEU hu.moonstone at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 01:30:04 UTC 2020

Hello, Daniel Kochmański

Thank you very much. I checked the development branch and found the 
source of TexInfo. I was able to create a translation environment by 
fixing non-ASCII characters and using po4a and gettext.

Also, sorry if this topic is not appropriate on this mailing list. As an 
aside, if anyone else is thinking of translating, I would like to share 
POT files and so on.

Best Regards,

On 2020/02/22 2:31, Daniel Kochmański wrote:
> Hey NOEU,
> NOEU writes:
>> Hello.
>> I want to translate "The ECL
>> Manual(https://common-lisp.net/project/ecl/static/manual/)" into my
>> native language (Japanese). Because I couldn't find the translated
>> version.
> Manual sources are in the source tree of ECL under a subtree
> src/doc/manual. The most recent version is in branch develop.
>> Is "The ECL Manual" generated by DocBook?
>> Please let me know if I have a way to get the XML source for The ECL
>> Manual.
> Old version was written in XML. We have rewritten it to texinfo. If you
> are interested in the old version please see src/doc/old-manual/.
>> Thanks
> Best regards,
> Daniel
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