Is this thing on? Cross-compiling for ARM

Renaud Casenave-Péré renaud at
Mon Nov 4 08:54:42 UTC 2019


A small update on the eql5 situation on Sailfish OS.
I packaged the 19.9.1 version of eql5 and just uploaded it on

I already put the related repositories’ urls here but just in case, here it is.

For eql5 itself, with small changes to make it work with Sailfish’s Qt version:

For the spec file used to make the rpm:

I also made a package to bootstrap application development here:

It is based on the example “my” from EQL5-Android, as Paul suggested, but much
more barebone.

If you are interested, I’d be willing to make one or two pull requests upstream
to make it official but I don’t really know how it would fit.


Renaud Casenave-Péré

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