[ecl 20.1.x][rc testing]

Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Mon Dec 30 18:07:59 UTC 2019

Dear All,

After three years of development we are closing to a new release. During
this time many important features and fixes has been made. We also have
a new co-maintainer of the project – Marius Gerbershagen, what is a
fantastic news (especially from a bus-factor perspective :-).

If you have spare machines (especially on uncommon architectures/
operating systems), it would be very helpful if you could help with
testing. I'm tracking testing progress here:


there is no need to limit yourself to the mentioned platforms and it is
possible that we will omit some listed there, so please treat it more
like a wishlist than an actual roadmap. We are especially interested in
regressions (that is issues which are not present in 16.1.3 but occur in
the current develop branch) - of course if you encounter other problems
please report them too, but they will be most likely addressed after the
release. Thank you for your help; I hope that we will be able to release
the new version on January 2020.

As a side note, I've been invited to give a talk at the European Lisp
Symposium this year about ECL. Currently I'm working on the compiler
documentation and refactoring as well as the IR visualizer, but these
changes will be proposed after there release.

Best regards,

Daniel Kochmański ;; aka jackdaniel | Przemyśl, Poland
TurtleWare - Daniel Kochmański      | www.turtleware.eu

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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