Error when building ironclad

Daniel Kochmański daniel at
Sat Dec 28 15:50:41 UTC 2019

Hello Dave,

Dave Richards writes:

> This occurs on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Raspbian Buster on current ECL:

> ;;; Internal error:
> ;;;   ** Error code 1 when executing
> ;;; (SI:RUN-PROGRAM-INNER "gcc" ("-I." "-I/home/pi/ecl/include/"note
> "-Dlinux" "-O2" "-c"
> ".cache/common-lisp/ecl-16.1.3-87a1c5fa-linux-armv7l/home/pi/quicklisp/dists
> /quicklisp/software/ironclad-v0.47/src/ciphers/kalyna.c" "-o"
> ".cache/common-lisp/ecl-16.1.3-87a1c5fa-linux-armv7l/home/pi/quicklisp/dists
> /quicklisp/software/ironclad-v0.47/src/ciphers/kalyna.o") NIL):
> ;;;
> .cache/common-lisp/ecl-16.1.3-87a1c5fa-linux-armv7l/home/pi/quicklisp/dists/
> quicklisp/software/ironclad-v0.47/src/ciphers/kalyna.c: In function
> 'L49kalyna512_decrypt_block':
> ;;;
> .cache/common-lisp/ecl-16.1.3-87a1c5fa-linux-armv7l/home/pi/quicklisp/dists/
> quicklisp/software/ironclad-v0.47/src/ciphers/kalyna.c:231231:18: note:
> variable tracking size limit exceeded with -fvar-tracking-assignments,
> retrying without
> ;;;  static cl_object L49kalyna512_decrypt_block(cl_object v1context,
> cl_object v2ciphertext, cl_object v3ciphertext_start, cl_object v4plaintext,
> cl_object v5plaintext_start)
> ;;;                   ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

These notes may be ignored. It just means that function is too big to
store debug information in appropriate tables (C compiler thing).

> ;;; gcc: fatal error: Killed signal terminated program cc1
> ;;; compilation terminated.

This seems to be the real issue. If I had to guess it was OOM kicking in
and killing the compiler because GCC reached available memory limit on
your system. Do you have particular process quotas for memory? or maybe
your system is full of other processes atm? You may try to add swap to
your system, remove the quota or free some memory beforehand.

Best regards,

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