Oddities in ECL tests on Linux

Marius Gerbershagen marius.gerbershagen at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 12:17:55 UTC 2018

Am 01.09.2018 um 04:36 schrieb Faré:
> On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 1:46 PM Marius Gerbershagen
> <marius.gerbershagen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The test-require.script test fails because it tries to require
>> the :rt module which is deprecated on the develop branch and no longer
>> build by default.  A simple fix is to use the :sockets module instead
> IIRC, we used to used to use :sockets, but started using :rt instead
> because :sockets was not available on Windows. Is there a module that
> is available on all platforms?

The :sockets module is available for both Windows and Unix platforms in ECL.

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