Ecl fails to compile under visual studio enterprise 2015

Daniel Kochmański daniel at
Thu Sep 1 20:11:05 UTC 2016


lucaregini at writes:

> Hi All,I have attempted unsuccesfully to compile Ecl under VS 2015
> enterprise.I have simply run the nmake command from a VS2015 x86
> command prompt with the makefile left untouched.This is what I am
> getting:
> ../ecl/ecl.h(33): warning C4005: 'va_copy': macro redefinition../ecl/config.h(450): warning C4005: 'isnan': macro redefinition
> ../../src/c/file.d(5324): error C2039: '_cnt': is not a member of '_iobuf'
> Any clue?Regards,Luca

that's weird, because I've heard ECL works fine on Visual Studio
2015. You have to check, how your compiler defines FILE_CNT (number of
buffered characters) in stdio.h and adjust msvc/ecl/config.h.msvc6 (grep
for FILE_CNT). You may also try "try and error" approach, there are only
three possibilities.

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