AW: ECL on very small chips?

Konovalov, Vadim Vadim.Konovalov at
Mon Mar 28 07:29:58 UTC 2016

> From: ecl-devel [mailto:ecl-devel-bounces at] On Behalf Of Philipp Marek
> >> > In my case I'd like to write software for NXP1769
> which is ARM 
> >> > Cortex M3, 64kB Ram, 512kB Flash.
> To be honest, to me that sounds like a job for FORTH.

I second that,

In 1989+ we had 7270 "smart" terminals connected to IBM360-line mainframes,
(in our University)
those "smart" terminal were having 64K of RAM and were allowing FORTH there, 
and this combination was efficient enough to have plenty of ASCII-based games,
and for us to having programmer's fun.

This is why I also thought about FORTH,
But - still - LISP have similar background of history, so if there is no task of having entire COMMON LISP standard there - then just reasonable subset is really possible.
My intuition says to me that FORTH is easier to strip down.
However - ECL has closer connection to C, which will make your life easier.


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