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Daniel Kochmański daniel at
Mon Jan 11 12:56:24 UTC 2016


thanks for reporting this. I can confirm, that this problem also affects
ECL 16.0.0 (and the development version). It had to be some change with
the rutil, however it's probably ECL bug. I've added this issue here:

Does standard require to specialize the #'print-object method explicitly
on each built-in type? If not, then it's not ECL bug. Anyone?

cl-redis from the previous quicklisp dist loaded just fine. Problem is
caused by a function #'toggle-print-hash-table.

I'd fix redis like shown in the first comment in the abovementioned
issue. cl-redis loads fine after that, but I didn't perform any further
tests to verify if it works OK.

Best regards,

Diogo Franco writes:

> Hi,
> I've been using cl-redis with ecl without problems, but recently i have
> some trouble when installing on new systems.
> rutil is a dependency installed by quicklisp when doing quickload on
> cl-redis, and i've been getting:
> "There is no method on the generic function PRINT-OBJECT that agrees on
> qualifiers NIL and specializers (HASH-TABLE T)"
> This is the ecl that's installed via apt-get, ecl-13.5.1.
> I did notice that sbcl finds the method correctly when doing "(find-method
> #'print-object nil '(hash-table t))", while ecl also gives the error above.
> Any idea on how to further investigate this?
> Thanks in advance!

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