Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Fri Feb 19 01:29:14 UTC 2016

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for trying all that. Great to hear no regressions detected, congrats.

I published the reports online at

18.02.2016, 11:40, "Daniel Kochmański" <daniel at turtleware.eu>:
> I've investigated the differences (potential regressions) by hand, and
> it seems that they behave the same on both ECL versions (short summary):

> ...
> |           | 16.0.0-c | 16.1.2-c |
> | quickutil | all fine | all fine |

So, quickutil loads OK manualy, despite if failed under cl-test-grid?
Most likely it's not caused by cl-test-grid. It may depend on presence
and order of fasl files load; or even some undeterministic behavior in ECL.
(It's just FYI, I understand it's not a regression since we don't
see a difference between two ECL versions).

> I still had some problems with the batch run of cl-test-grid and had
> some minor confusions (SBCL as a preffered lisp signalled a condition
> once during the run, something with FIND-SYMBOL – sorry, I didn't
> preserve the log unfortunately. I have SBCL 1.3.1 as a preferred lisp in
> #'make-agent.

Strange, I often use SBCL as a preferred lisp (not 1.3.1, elder versions).
I will keep an eye on that.

> Also, after running for four implementations only three results were
> submitted (the last one was cached though, so I hadn't to re-run the
> tests, it submitted it right away).

Rarely submit can fail (e.g. network problem - agent log could show the reason),
and yes, the tests continue after restart from the point of interruption.

(Actually, there is even more rare bug - there is one point where
during submit process where interruption prevents re-submit after restart;
But so far I've been submitting manually in this special case).

Thanks for all the notes.

Best regards,
- Anton

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