Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Thu Feb 18 08:39:58 UTC 2016

I've finnaly managed to run the test grid and compare the results \o/ :-)

I've investigated the differences (potential regressions) by hand, and
it seems that they behave the same on both ECL versions (short summary):

|              | 16.0.0-c                     | 16.1.2-c                     |
| cl-openid    | operation not permitted (OS) | operation not permitted (OS) |
| clack-errors | connection refused           | connection refused           |
| quickutil    | all fine                     | all fine                     |
|              | 16.0.0-b                     | 16.1.2-b                     |
| drakma       | segment-violation            | segment-violation            |
| i-type       | frame-stack-overflow         | frame-stack-overflow         |

Some differences are present regarding handling the conditions. 16.1.2
catches overflow better with a proper restarts instead of jumping
straight into the toplevel, but the causing error is the same. Reports

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I still had some problems with the batch run of cl-test-grid and had
some minor confusions (SBCL as a preffered lisp signalled a condition
once during the run, something with FIND-SYMBOL ? sorry, I didn't
preserve the log unfortunately. I have SBCL 1.3.1 as a preferred lisp in

Also, after running for four implementations only three results were
submitted (the last one was cached though, so I hadn't to re-run the
tests, it submitted it right away).

Best regards,

Anton Vodonosov writes:

> 16.02.2016, 23:09, "Daniel Kochma?ski" <daniel at turtleware.eu>:
>> OK, thanks. I think I have something wrong with my setup because I can't
>> load the crashed packages even from SBCL or CCL (problems with
>> hu.dwim.*).
> How do you test that, via cl-test-grid or in REPL?
>> I'll create a fresh user account, download testgrid and run
>> it (with a new rc tag), I hope it will work OK...
> OK. BTW, when configuring RC results, you could specify "ecl" storage
> for them (instead of the default "main").
> Like here:
> https://github.com/cl-test-grid/cl-test-grid/blob/master/run-agent.sample.lisp#L56
> Let me know in case of problems.
> Best regards,
> - Anton

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