[release candidate][16.1.2]

Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Thu Feb 4 00:39:04 UTC 2016

That's good news, congrats.

I will run cl-test-grid tests on linux.
Our server is currently busy testing alpha version of quicklisp release,
so I will run ECL rc tests after that.

Best regards,
- Anton

03.02.2016, 18:02, "Daniel Kochmański" <daniel at turtleware.eu>:
> Dear all,
> we slowly prepare for the next relese and I think it's time to test
> things, if some changes didn't break builds etc., or if any serious
> regressions has happened.
> I would be grateful for performing tests with your configurations and on
> the architectures you run (the more of them better it is), then we'll
> have more complete picture what needs work. The most conveniant way to
> process these things will be if you use Anton's cl-test-grid, which is
> simply great for summarizing stuff:
> https://github.com/cl-test-grid/cl-test-grid/tree/master/agent
> Those interested in realease notes, please consult:
> https://gitlab.com/embeddable-common-lisp/ecl/blob/develop/CHANGELOG
> (section "Pending changes since 16.0.0").
> If everything goes smoothly, version 16.1.2 should be out on 29th of
> February, but if some problems araise (like a regression), we'll
> postpone it.
> Thanks for your help and see you around,
> Daniel
> --
> Daniel Kochmański ;; aka jackdaniel | Poznań, Poland
> TurtleWare - Daniel Kochmański | www.turtleware.eu
> "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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