segfault while testing lil

Faré fahree at
Thu Apr 14 14:28:42 UTC 2016

On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 10:01 AM, Daniel Kochmański
<daniel at> wrote:
> In fact I did, but it didn't work, so I've tried the testcase you
> provided with the same result, so I've wrote an e-mail.
> I had to manually quickload the reader-interception, because it's not
> listed in the lil/test dependencies. I think it's a lil's test system
> definition bug.
I believe the issue might be that quicklisp doesn't play well with

> Either way, testing the system gives the segmentation-violation just as
> you said, so the bug is confirmed. I think that it's triggered by
> something in hu.dwim.stefil (hu.dwim.* already proven a few ECL bugs).
> Could you add it to the issue tracker on
> ?

Will you be at ELS 2016 in Kraków?

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