GC and Threading

Bix strabixbox at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 25 08:28:03 UTC 2015

just two quick question:
1. Is it possible to disable the threading model and have multiple thread
to eval the code or have one ECL per thread?
2. Can the garbage collector be disabled at all and have the memory
managed in a reference counting fashion?

I like to embed the ECL in my multithread application but I've got very
restrictive constrain about thread and memory:
* I can not spawn new thread but I've got concurrent thread to execute
ecl call.
* A component that bring GC would probably not be accepted and I'm
wondering if there is an alternative to that in ECL, or at least have
more control how/when GC will be run.

Can you point me out where to look in the source code to understand those
aspect of ECL?

Thanks in advance.

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