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Tomas Hlavaty tom at logand.com
Tue Apr 7 20:28:55 UTC 2015

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your quick reply.

Daniel Kochmański <jackdaniel at hellsgate.pl> writes:
> You can always build ECL with already installed libffi,

Problem is not building ECL with already installed libffi.  Problem is
that ECL cannot find libffi when it compiles lisp code later, for
example when starting slime:

;;; Loading "/home/tomas/lisp/slime/swank-loader.lisp"
/nix/store/b8qhjrwf8sf9ggkjxqqav7f1m6w83bh0-binutils-2.23.1/bin/ld: cannot find -lffi
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
;;; Internal error:
;;;   ** Error code 1 when executing
;;; (RUN-PROGRAM "gcc" ("-o" "/home/tomas/.slime/fasl/2015-02-19/ecl-15.3.7-linux-x86_64/swank.fas" "-L/nix/store/jrpjnjfhrjrlywn4q78fl0jl2ip9rhgx-ecl-15.3.7/lib/" "/home/tomas/.slime/fasl/2015-02-19/ecl-15.3.7-linux-x86_64/swank.o" "-Wl,--rpath,/nix/store/jrpjnjfhrjrlywn4q78fl0jl2ip9rhgx-ecl-15.3.7/lib/" "-shared" "-Wl,--rpath,/nix/store/6l8mc2qgfq6z0hs4flgchwjvlxwl4qv7-gmp-5.1.3/lib" "-L/nix/store/6l8mc2qgfq6z0hs4flgchwjvlxwl4qv7-gmp-5.1.3/lib" "-lecl" "-lgmp" "-lffi" "-lpthread" "-ldl" "-lm"));; 
;; Error while compiling /home/tomas/lisp/slime/swank.lisp:
;;   COMPILE-FILE returned NIL.
;; Aborting.

Maybe is a way to somehow convince NixOS to put libffi in the right
environment when running ECL, but so far I have figured it out by adding
the libffi-prefix configure option in a similar way to gmp-prefix
option.  It seems like a good solution.

> but there is no reason to not include configurable prefix for it, if
> there is such a need.


> There are a few problems with this patch however.  It applies to
> configure.in, while we have configure.ac for some time instead.  It is
> minor, but please rebase your patch on develop branch at:
> https://gitlab.com/embeddable-common-lisp/ecl.git
> Please also supply appropriate entry, so option will be shown in
> ./configure --help.
> Last but not least - please format patch, so it
> can be applied with `git am`, so commit contains your name.

Thanks for the comments.  You can find an updated patch attached.

Best Regards,


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