[Ecls-list] libffi-prefix

Daniel Kochmański jackdaniel at hellsgate.pl
Tue Apr 7 13:27:40 UTC 2015


thanks for a patch! You can always build ECL with already installed
libffi, but there is no reason to not include configurable prefix for
it, if there is such a need.

There are a few problems with this patch however.  It applies to
configure.in, while we have configure.ac for some time instead.  It is
minor, but please rebase your patch on develop branch at:


Please also supply appropriate entry, so option will be shown in
./configure --help.

Last but not least - please format patch, so it
can be applied with `git am`, so commit contains your name.

Once again, thank you for working on this :-)

Best regards,

Tomas Hlavaty writes:

> Hi,
> I have fixed the ecl package for NixOS and had to add a configure option
> for libffi-prefix.  Would it be possible to commit this change into the
> ecl sources so that no extra patch is required when a "custom" libffi
> prefix is needed?
> Thank you,
> Tomas
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