[Ecls-list] Getting things going

Dietrich Bollmann dietrich at formgames.org
Tue Oct 22 13:10:18 UTC 2013

> - Regular testing has been set up in the past using Anton's library. I
can pass you the scripts. Benchmarking has also been organized using
automated scripts that I can also pass you. As I said, this is one of the
things where a non-developer can really help a lot by providing the
infrastructure and uploading the information to some public space.

Wouldn't it be possible to integrate the testing and benchmarking in the
build process?  something like 'make test' and 'make benchmark' generating
reports which then could be send to some email address?

People downloading and updating ECL could help out on a voluntary basis by
providing these reports without being a formal member of some group and
even when they do not know enough to help at other places.
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