[Ecls-list] ECL and UIs

Daniel Herring dherring at tentpost.com
Sun May 5 16:45:54 UTC 2013

I believe Qt is the best GUI toolkit currently available for any 

On Wed, 1 May 2013, Jason Sewall wrote:

> I meant that EQL is some version of ECL distributed with custom Qt
> bindings. The downside is that upstream changes in ECL may or may not
> be available in EQL until the maintainer incorporates it.

You seem to misunderstand how EQL works.  While "EQL the executable" is 
indeed ECL with Qt functionality, "EQL the project" does not contain or 
modify ECL sources.  First compile ECL, then use it to compile EQL.

Given that EQL uses a fairly straightforward, fully self-contained 
technique to generate the bindings, I actually think it has better 
long-term viability than CommonQt.  KDE's Smoke is a fairly complex 
framework; it would be much harder to maintain if KDE switches to "the 
next big thing" again.

- Daniel

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