[Ecls-list] Is ECL really ANSI compatible ?

z_axis z_axis at 163.com
Fri Sep 28 00:13:14 UTC 2012

The ECL created stumpwm executable is smallest compared with SBCL, CCL and  
CLISP.  However, only the ECL executable doesnot work.
I really want to know what the reason is.

On my freebsd box, i add `exec truss -o /home/***/err.txt  
/home/***/bin/stumpwm` in ~/.xinitrc, but i got nothing from the truss  
output file.
then i modify it as `exec /home/***/bin/stumpwm > /home/***/err.txt `, it  
reports ASDF not created, so on.

Can anybody shed a light on me ?

Best Regards!

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