[Ecls-list] make recheck

Philipp Marek philipp at marek.priv.at
Sun Jan 1 09:38:52 UTC 2012

> The "make check" operation looked like it completed properly in the
> Konsole window, so just to be certain everything was correct, I issued a
> "make recheck" command from within the Konsole window. That command
> began an infinite loop in the Konsole window that I could not break out
> of because there was so much hard disk activity.

Perhaps that's related to the reported "make clean" infinite loop.

On my favourite git checkout I had that problem, too; it went like this:

  rm -f help.doc
  (cd tests; make clean)
  /bin/bash: Line 0: cd: tests: File or directory not found
  make[2543]: Entering directory `/.../build'
  for i in lsp cmp clos clx tk ext; do
    rm -f lib$i.a $i/?*.{o,eclh,data,c,sdat,h,fas};
  rm -f help.doc
  (cd tests; make clean)

That accumulated make processes until the machine started swapping; I got it
soon enough, so that a Ctrl-C was enough, but perhaps you've already been
too deep in OOM.



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