[Ecls-list] some notes on cross-compiling and a possible configure bug

Jon Rosebaugh chairos at gmail.com
Wed May 25 18:25:45 UTC 2011

I am attempting to compile ECL for the Chumby, a small ARM-based
device running Linux. This is my first time cross-compiling anything,
so I'm not very sure of the information I've provided in the
cross_config file. It occurs to me that since, when you're not
cross-compiling, that information is gathered by compiling and running
a bunch of tiny C programs, it should be possible to have a script
cross-compile those programs and set up a little shell script to run
them and output the cross_config file. Then you would just copy that
to your target system, run it, and there you go. Any reason this
hasn't been done yet?

In addition, there seems to be a problem with configure around line
9038; normally the test programs are surrounded by a check that skips
them if the cross_config has a definition, but the test for
HAVE___BUILTIN_RETURN_ADDRESS seems to miss this, so that a
cross-compilation will always fail.

configure:8979: checking working environ
configure:9009: result: yes
configure:9036: error: in `/home/jon/chumby-workspace/ecl/ecl-11.1.1/build':
configure:9038: error: cannot run test program while cross compiling
See `config.log' for more details

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