[Ecls-list] calling ECL functions defined in an ASDF package from C code

Ph. Marek philipp at marek.priv.at
Wed Jul 13 18:34:39 UTC 2011

> However the current solution loads required libraries (e.g., alexandria)
> at runtime and depends on a local instillation of quicklisp.  Would it
> be possible to compiling all dependencies into a single linked library
> with no external runtime dependencies using `c:build-shared-library'?
> Something like a ":monolithic t" option?
I'd be interested in that as well.

I didn't test it yet, but possibly giving all necessary .o files in
~/.cache/common-lisp/... to the build function might work?

The (ql:quickload) lines would have to be (eval-when (:compile)), I imagine.



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