[Ecls-list] minor fixes for cross compilation

Eugene Zaikonnikov viking at funcall.org
Wed Sep 29 06:49:22 UTC 2010

> when we are cross-compiling ECL, most of this information is available
> in most cases
> in the target standard C headers.  ECL should not require manual supply of those
> quantities.  I understand that not all platforms have them, but they
> are the minority
> and ECL should not optimize for them and it is only for them that ECL
> should require
> manual edition.  The cross compile process will be smoother.

There should still be a better way to do it for though. ARM is
platform #2 worldwide, and is #1 in the embedded world.

If you look up the archives, there are multiple posts by newcomers
struggling with the same issues. Some of them make it, many others,
however, get only partially working build or just drop the whole idea.
Simply ignoring this reoccurring problem does not help.


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