[Ecls-list] Pre-built ECL 10.4.1 and other ECL related downloads for Win32

Greg Santucci thecodewitch at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 06:30:51 UTC 2010

Hello ECLers,

I'm just letting everyone know that an already built version of ECL 10.4.1,
built with Visual C++ Express Edition 2008, has been prepared for download
here. <http://createuniverses.googlecode.com/files/ecl-vs2008.zip> Its a
90MB download. It features ECL built in the following 4 configurations:

   - Debug with Unicode
   - Release with Unicode
   - Debug without Unicode
   - Release without Unicode

All 4 builds have been built with thread support switched on, and all debug
builds contain the MSVC generated files to permit stepping into ECL source
code from the Visual Studio debugger.

Also, available
here<http://createuniverses.googlecode.com/files/packages.zip>is a
Common Lisp package set which includes lispbuilder-sdl,
lispbuilder-sdl-gfx, cl-opengl, and their dependencies specially modified so
they can be compiled using ECL and MSVC. The required binaries for SDL and
cl-opengl have been included in the bin subdirectory. Simply ensure that
this directory is in the path before running ECL and compiling the packages.

There is more information about these files on the
"VCExpress"<http://ecls.wikispaces.com/VCExpress>and "ECL
on Windows" <http://ecls.wikispaces.com/ECL+on+Windows> pages of the ECL
wiki. <http://ecls.wikispaces.com/>

Greg Santucci
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