[Ecls-list] Symbolic LInks in Windows Vista?

Claus Brod claus.brod at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 13 19:22:00 UTC 2009

> That's great! The problem with LOAD is trivial: supply a new loading
> routine, adding the suffix .lnk as a valid source file. The routine
> should test whether that is really a symbolic link and load the
> destination.

Thanks! I'll try this approach.

>From looking at the code, it seems that (load) doesn't support symbolic
links on non-Windows systems, either. If that's correct, and if we think it
is desirable to add symbolic link support on all platforms, the additional
loading routine for .lnk wouldn't help on Linux/OSX/whatever because .lnk
doesn't have a "magic" meaning there, right?

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