[Ecls-list] "compiler called recursively" error

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com
Fri May 22 08:49:44 UTC 2009

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 7:43 PM, Jean-Claude Beaudoin
<jean.claude.beaudoin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Lately I have been improving debugger suppport in the "old" compiler,
> local variable access is done, next is source access.

That sounds great.

> I had noticed that prohibition of recursive call and thought it was somewhat
> odd but didn't care too much about it at the time.  Now I see it
> can be a significant annoyance.  Since I am in the neighborhood all take
> time to fix it if it is OK with you (right after source access!)

That would be perfect. Please tell me if I can help with anything.

If feasible it would be nice if you produced some staged patches, as
you complete the different things (local variables, source, compiler
fixes), because that will help me in integrating the code.


Instituto de Física Fundamental, CSIC
c/ Serrano, 113b, Madrid 28009 (Spain)

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