[Ecls-list] how to enable bigger stacks?

Oliver Kullmann O.Kullmann at swansea.ac.uk
Tue May 19 16:49:05 UTC 2009


I wonder whether somebody has something to say on these issues?
I searched again the local installation, the Ecl web page,
and the Internet in general, but I can't find anything!
I re-run the applications with Ecl 8.12.0, and there I don't
get these problems.

Additionally I get

GC Warning: Out of Memory!  Returning NIL!

Maxima encountered a Lisp error:

 Memory limit reached. Please jump to an outer point or quit program.

Automatically continuing.

on a 64-bit machine for a problem which could be handled before.

So I can't run any serious application anymore (on 32-bit and 64-bit

Perhaps if Ecl is not aiming at applications requiring more than,
say, 100MB, then this should be stated clearly somewhere, since
otherwise it is a trap for the user (who should use a different
Lisp, without these restrictions, if he has such usage requirements).


On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 06:33:43PM +0100, Oliver Kullmann wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using Maxima 5.18.1 with Ecl 9.4.1, and
> for rather small problems, on 32-bit as well as 64-bit
> machines I get error messages like
>  BINDING-STACK overflow at size 8448. Stack can probably be resized.
> or
> C-STACK overflow at size 139456. Stack can probably be resized.
> It seems to me that with 8.12.0 there weren't such problems (but I'm
> not sure).
> None of these restrictions should be due to the operating system (Linux;
> ulimit shows that everything is set to "unrestricted", and 4 GB resp. 8 GB
> are available). 
> Now how to reset all these bounds to reasonable values
> (say, one GB)?
> I couldn't find any information on these issues, but perhaps
> I missed it.
> Oliver
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