[Ecls-list] how to enable bigger stacks?

Oliver Kullmann O.Kullmann at swansea.ac.uk
Sun May 17 17:33:43 UTC 2009


I'm using Maxima 5.18.1 with Ecl 9.4.1, and
for rather small problems, on 32-bit as well as 64-bit
machines I get error messages like

 BINDING-STACK overflow at size 8448. Stack can probably be resized.


C-STACK overflow at size 139456. Stack can probably be resized.

It seems to me that with 8.12.0 there weren't such problems (but I'm
not sure).

None of these restrictions should be due to the operating system (Linux;
ulimit shows that everything is set to "unrestricted", and 4 GB resp. 8 GB
are available). 

Now how to reset all these bounds to reasonable values
(say, one GB)?

I couldn't find any information on these issues, but perhaps
I missed it.


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