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Elliott Slaughter elliottslaughter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 19:26:25 UTC 2009

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 1:40 AM, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <
juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 9:57 AM, Elliott Slaughter
> <elliottslaughter at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm trying to use asdf:make-build to build a system I built using asdf.
> My
> > problem is that after the build completes, when I run the executable I
> > created, none of my packages appear to exist.
> Are you defining the packages in the *.asd files? If so, they are not
> going to be included in the executable. Every package definition
> should be in one of the compiled files that are going to be linked
> into the program. *.asd files are just like makefiles: they do not
> form part of the final image.

No, I have a package.lisp file which is a component of the system which
defines all the packages.

And I would also point out that none of the packages from libraries I am
importing appear either.

Here is a (somewhat) self-contained example which breaks for me:

Start from the example in /ecl/examples/asdf/. Modify the files as follows:
Add this to the top of file1.lisp:
(defpackage :test (:use :cl) (:export :test-function))
(in-package :test)
And this to the top of file2.lisp:
(in-package :test)

Now with just these changes, the example still works fine for me. But say I
modify the example.asd by adding the following to the end of the defsystem
    :depends-on (:closer-mop)

Now when I build with asdf:make-build, I get the following error:

elliott at Blackthorn:~/Programming/ecl/examples/asdf$ ecl
> (require :asdf)

> (asdf:make-build :example :type :program :monolithic t)

[... compiling ...]
;;; Note: Invoking external command:
;;;   gcc -o "/home/elliott/Programming/ecl/examples/asdf/example"
"/home/elliott/Programming/ecl/examples/asdf/libexample.a"    -lecl -ldl
-lm   -lgmp
> (ext:system "./example")
No applicable method for MAKE-INSTANCE
Broken at SI:TOP-LEVEL.No restarts available.
Top level.
CLOSER-MOP> (find-package :c2mop)

#<"CLOSER-MOP" package>
CLOSER-MOP> (find-package :test)


Do you observe these results on your end? Am I doing something wrong in this


Elliott Slaughter

"Any road followed precisely to its end leads precisely nowhere." - Frank
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