[Ecls-list] Debuggability of CMP.

Samium Gromoff _deepfire at feelingofgreen.ru
Wed Feb 11 15:09:45 UTC 2009

Good day Juan,

While attempting to tame some MOP issues I have tried to make
the compiler behave more friendly.

Namely, at this moment, AIUI, the file compiler doesn't enter the debugger
whenever any SERIOUS-CONDITIONs arise, and rather just exits abruptly.

Realising this, I have tried to (handler-case (compile-file "buggy.lisp")
                                   (serious-condition (c)
                                      (invoke-debugger c))),
but the backtrace didn't have anything beyond si:bytecodes.

So, I thought, I'd rebuild ECL with nice proclamations here and there.

So, first I tweaked bare.lsp.in and compile.lsp.in to substitute
(optimize (debug 3) (safety 3) (speed 0) (space 0)) in all proclamations
which were already present.

This results in ecl_min.exe stuck during lisp boot, in fill_vector[1],
for what looked like forever.

I have tried to reduce the safety and increase speed, with no change. 

Then I reverted all proclamations to their original values and only have
set the per-module compilation proclaim in bare.lsp.in to highest debug
and safety.

That worked, but didn't have any effect on the amount of backtrace

Besides -- the last proclaim form in compile.lsp.in doesn't seem
to be able to have effect -- it is overridden by the proclamation

regards, Samium Gromoff

1. I can provide details upon request.

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