[Ecls-list] ECL build issues

David A. Ventimiglia ventimig at msu.edu
Mon Aug 3 19:30:21 UTC 2009

Sorry, I meant my LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable in my previous email, not
LD_LIBRARY_CONF.  Just a typo.

On Mon, 2009-08-03 at 12:22 -0700, David A. Ventimiglia wrote:
> Hello,
> I built ECL 9.7.1 successfully on Ubuntu (Jaunty) on i386 platform, and
> make install seemed to work ok, but when I tried to run ecl I got this
> error:
> ecl: error while loading shared libraries: libecl.so.9.7: cannot open
> shared object file: No such file or directory
> Maybe my system's not set up correctly, but I don't typically get this
> sort of error when I build other applications from source.  It's not a
> huge deal, though, (I think) as I can run ecl after
> adding /usr/local/lib to my LD_LIBRARY_CONF environment variable in
> my .bashrc script.  But--assuming I haven't set up my system
> incorrectly--isn't this something that's typically handled by make
> install?
> Best,
> David A. Ventimiglia
David A. Ventimiglia <ventimig at msu.edu>
Michigan State University

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