[Ecls-list] cl-launch and ecl, again

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 04:37:39 UTC 2008

Dear JJ and ECL hackers,

the good news is that I if I rm -rf ~/.cache/lisp-fasl/ecl* everytime
I can make standalone executables with ECL and cl-launch and ASDF

The bad news is that the bug is still there, though it is now narrowed
down to a bad interaction with the object cache. Somehow the asdf+ecl
combo must be somehow doing the wrong thing: either ASDF wrongly
reuses object files from a previous version of same-named source when
run with ECL, or ECL fails to agree to the proper initialization
routine name as it reuses object files from previous compilation of
same source, or maybe ASDF is getting confused between files named .o
but compiled with different parameters? More investigation is required
to find out what's happening.

My next test, the compiling of exscribe, fails on a stream error while
trying to compile fare-utils/basic-strings. I'll investigate whether
the bug is mine.

I'll upload version 2.11 of cl-launch that now almost runs perfectly with ECL.

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