[Ecls-list] Git mirror problems

Samium Gromoff _deepfire at feelingofgreen.ru
Wed May 21 16:51:12 UTC 2008

From: "Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll" <jjgarcia at users.sourceforge.net>
Subject: [Ecls-list] Git mirror problems
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 18:31:57 +0200

> The problem is that publishing the resulting directory in the web
> leaves me with a corrupt GIT repository. When I test the repo by using
> "git clone http://common-lisp.net/project/ecl/git/ecl.git/.git/" I get
> something like
> cat: /home/jjgarcia/foo.git/.git/refs/remotes/origin/master: No existe
> el fichero ó directorio
> Warning: Remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.

Seems like a git-cvsimport glitch; can you clone the imported
repository locally (using the pathname as repository specifier)?

> Any clues anyone? How do you do the mirroring yourself?

This should be fixable by a simple "git checkout master"[1] in the
imported repository, before rsyncing it back to clnet.

regards, Samium Gromoff

1. You may or may not need to do a "git reset --hard" before that,
depending on the state git-cvsimport left the repository in.

If it plays nicely, you shouldn't need to.

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