[Ecls-list] Latest changes

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll jjgarcia at users.sourceforge.net
Tue May 20 09:30:22 UTC 2008

- Hopefully fixed the detection of Intel x84_64 processors running a
32 bits operating system.

- --enable-boehm=auto and --with-system-gmp=auto are again default
options. This seems to work in Ubuntu, where I have both libraries
preinstalled, and also in OpenBSD/NetBSD, where use of preinstalled
libraries is a must (the version of the garbage collector shipped with
ECL does not support these platforms)

Tag: (CVS 2008-05-20 10:16)


Facultad de Fisicas, Universidad Complutense,
Ciudad Universitaria s/n Madrid 28040 (Spain)

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