[Ecls-list] Readline support for ECLS

Jason Aquilina jfa7600 at yahoo.com.au
Tue May 13 03:42:03 UTC 2008


I've written a simple ASDF package that wraps a CLOS input stream around 
the GNU Readline library thereby providing readline support for ECL. The 
package allows you to specify the history size and history file. If no 
one minds, shall I post the tar file to the list - it's only a few kb. A 
brief summary is provided below.

Jason Aquilina.


Version: 0.1.0
Author : Jason Aquilina


ECL-READLINE provides top-level readline support for ECL (Embeddable 
Common-Lisp) in the form of an ASDF package. It does
this by creating a CLOS input-stream that wraps around the Readline library.

 From the top level (or in your .eclrc file)

    (require :ecl-readline)

ecl-readline::enable takes two keyword arguments:

    The name of the file for the session history - defaults to 
.ecl-history in your HOME directory.

    The number of history entries to keep

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