[Ecls-list] Help building dll on windows

Hugo Duncan hugo_duncan at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 18:06:15 UTC 2008


I've been trying to build a dll with asdf:make-build for a couple of days
now, and am failing miserably.

I am using 0.9jp1, as I am unable to get the current head to produce any
dll using asdf:make-build (it crashes in a recursive call to do-dep).
Also, I find with 0.9jp1 that I have to recompile asdf-ecl.lisp once I
have installed ecl, otherwise I get a c::builder not defined message.

Using linux/x86 I can produce a .so file that has linker symbols defined.

Using windows/msvc-8 and the simple input files attached, and the
asdf:make-build command with :monolithic t (as per attached
build-dll.lisp), the dll that is produced has no exported linker symbols.

I am assuming that with :monolithic t, that at least the cl functions
should be available.

Any help with this would be really appreciated.

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