[Ecls-list] ECL on mobile devices

Alfredo Cádiz alfredo.cadiz at uclouvain.be
Fri Feb 22 15:29:47 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

My name is Alfredo Cádiz. I'm a PhD student from the Université  
Catholique de Louvain in Belgium. In our laboratory we are working on  
dynamic software adaptation. For this purpose we have designed and  
implemented a language on top of Lisp called "Ambience".
Our work is aimed towards providing language support to context  
changes in mobile devices (location, battery, other devices, etc... )  
allowing them  adapting their behavior in runtime.

Now, we would like to run our language and implement real life  
scenarios using sensors, laptops and handhelds.

In case of handhelds, we need to run or compile a lisp application  
into them, but we haven't found lisp interpreters for any mobile  
platform. In this case the ECL approach for translating lisp programs  
into C/C++  could fit well to out needs.

Is it possible compile and run lisp programs using ECL targeted to  
handheld devices like Palms or PocketPCs?
We'll appreciate knowing any results obtained and the feasibility of  
trying our language in such kind of hardware.

Thanks in advance,

Alfredo Cádiz Rodríguez
Département d'Ingénierie Informatique
Université catholique de Louvain

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