[Ecls-list] bug in ecl_read_byte8, ecl_read_char and ecl_peek_char

Dmitry Statyvka dstatyvka at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 14:59:46 UTC 2008

I'm trying to use hunchentoot with ecl under windows and I've
encountered with infinte looping in the chunga:read-line* function.
After a lot of debug I came to the conclusion that there are bug in

According to documentation  of the recv function, if the connection
has been gracefully closed, the return value is zero.  But
ecl_read_byte8, ecl_read_char and ecl_peek_char (functions that calls
recv) does check the return value on equality to SOCKET_ERROR only.

A solution is to switch between three cases: recv returns 0, 1 or
SOCKET_ERROR and to return the read character, end-of-file marker or
to raise an error respectively.

The attachment contains a corresponding patch.
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