[Ecls-list] optimized compilation error

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 8 10:09:19 UTC 2008

On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 10:31 AM, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll
<juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 3:07 AM, Anton Vodonosov <avodonosov at yandex.ru> wrote:
>> It looks like another similar error still exists.
>> Flexi-streams compiled with
>>  (optimize speed (safety 0)(space 0)(debug 1)(compilation-speed 0))
>> produce an error:
>>  In function ASET, the value of byte is
>>          -78
>>  which is not of expected type (INTEGER 0 255)
> This looks more like a bogus declaration. Someone specifies that an
> array has to be of element type (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8) and assigns a
> negative integer.

This error appears at least when ECL is built without support for
Unicode strings, because flexi-streams defines char-code-integer as
the integers between 0 and the largest code-char byte.


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